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About FOTO

Our Story

FOTO Through the YearsBack in 1992, we set out on a mission. We believed there had to be a way to capture the results of rehabilitation. The first challenge we overcame dealt with determining what factors were key items to measure. At the time, little did we know we’d be on an adventure full of trials and errors as we pursued our dream of defining and capturing functional outcomes. The risk of failure was high. We forged through many unknowns and persevered through many peer-reviewed processes.  The final result: high caliber patient reported outcome measures to be used by rehabilitation professionals. Although this accomplishment forever changed the rehabilitation industry, in our hearts we knew our journey couldn’t end. It wasn’t enough to end our mission with creating patient reported outcome measures. We had the “outcomes bug.”

Our original creation had limited value. Value focused only on each individual patient. We had many “what ifs?” in our heads; we knew there had to be a way to broaden the scope of the use of patient reported outcome measures. To expand on what was created, we turned to expert mathematicians and clinicians. A light bulb moment occurred which led to risk adjusting – a perfect solution to allow for predictive analysis and comparison of clinician performance. In an instant we knew we needed to design a system. Technology had to be harnessed to not only risk adjust, but to also house trillions of pieces of data and analyze data. We almost stopped our journey there, but… technology enthused us and we knew the rehabilitation industry needed even more that what we had already accomplished.

What if there could be a better way than a paper and pencil option for obtaining data? For us it wasn’t enough to just create a portal and use technology that way. We dig science and technology. So, to maintain the caliber of which we were known, we went down a path of no return: computer adaptive testing. We wanted a simple, intuitive assessment process that had the capability to be flexible (in the event that in the future changes would be required). Although this concept had a high level of risk of failure, we created a team, collaborated, designed and published the fruits of our efforts in peer reviewed journals. We again succeeded in revolutionizing the rehabilitation industry.

We have paved the way that others attempt to replicate.

FOTO believes every patient deserves efficient and effective care.

FOTO believes every clinician desires to consistently provide the best care possible.

FOTO believes every payer needs an effortless way to reward for value.




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