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Choosing a System

How to Choose and Outcomes System

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Choosing a system

Top 10 Attributes in an Outcomes Management System

1. Industry Trust and Recognition
2. Integrated Products
3. Compliance Compatibility
4. Practice Application
5. Marketing Outcomes to Increase Referrals
6. Computer Adaptive Testing
7. Risk Adjusted Nationally Benchmarked Reports
8. Using Outcomes to Engage Patients
9. Tools for Success
10. Database Size and System Improvement

Are you in the process of selecting a new solution for collecting and reporting outcomes data?

This checklist will help identify all the features and functionality to be considered.

  • Benchmarked Reports
  • Integration with EMR/EHR Programs
  • Compliance Capability
Patient self-report measures are considered the gold standard in measuring outcomes to determine the value of
care from rehabilitation services.

The most efficient and accurate means to measure outcomes are no longer paper and pencil based measurement tools. In 2001 FOTO began using computer adaptive testing for increased precision and efficiency.

As of today, 7 of the 36 National Quality Forum endorsed measures focused on measuring functional status are FOTO developed measures. FOTO designs its products to be convenient, multi-purpose and flexible.
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