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Outcomes Management: Your Opportunity for High-impact Engagement + Leadership


October 23-25, 2019 | Knoxville Convention Center


FOTO Outcomes Conference 2018



The shifting value proposition in rehab therapy means you'll be measured on quality (not quantity), soon. Understanding your outcomes is critical. Leveraging performance data is simply good business and great leadership. Hear your peers share real-world success using outcomes for deep client engagement, thoughtful business management, clinician education, optimizing revenue, and more.

This event isn't just for FOTO users. It's for clinicians and leaders who believe that the power of outcomes management will drive change for patients, clinicians, practices, and payers.




Earn CEU’s
Network with all conference attendees including conference speakers and researchers
Understand the science behind FOTO
Hear client success stories
Discover best business practices + learn from industry leaders
Identify how to use your outcomes data for marketing



Why should you attend FOTO's Clinical Outcomes Summit?

  • The Clinical Outcomes Summit is an annual event hosted by FOTO, Inc. since 1999. It is a great opportunity to learn more about outcomes, as well as how FOTO's clients are managing the data collection process and benefitting from the resulting reports for marketing, contracting and managing clinical staff. There are also presentations from members of FOTO's Research Advisory Board, and it is a great opportunity to meet and spend time with the FOTO team. Attendees join the event to learn and network with others in the industry. Clinicians,management and administrative support staff all benefit from attending.
“The value of a therapist is going to be determined by their outcomes, not their years of experience. ”
– Phil Moe, Outpatient Therapy Manager


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