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Risk Adjustment & Predictive Analytics

Without risk adjustment, comparisons between providers are unfair and just plain wrong. You deserve comparisons that are fair and accurate. You deserve risk adjustment based on the most sophisticated and advanced scientific methods available. Don’t settle for old school methods… choose FOTO.


FOTO uses 10 risk adjustment factors:

The FOTO Machine at Work

1.  Care Type

2.  Impairment

3.  Gender (2 Variables)

4.  Age (Continuous variable)

5.  Acuity ( 7 Variables)

6.  Surgical history (4 variables)

7.  Number of comorbidities (30 Variables)

8.  Payer type (16 Variables)

9.  Severity of Impairment (0-100 – continuous variable)

10.  Level of Fear (physical activity) ( 2 Variables)

How does it work?  

Risk-Adjustment uses sophisticated modern mathematical techniques to
account for different patient characteristics, or variables, that commonly
influence outcomes. Using the risk-adjustment model, the influence of each
patient variable is accounted for by “adjusting” (adding or subtracting) the
influence of each of the variables.