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"We have been using FOTO for over a year now and there have been many benefits. It is great functional information for the physical therapists who are able to create a treatment plan specifically for a client’s functional limitations and goals. Having the predicted outcome gives client a realistic timeline for their injury and gives the therapist a goal as well. In our clinic we have a goal of beating the target.   We have used our great outcome "widgets" on social media and to let our partners in health know about our outcomes. We can also get information about specific areas we can improve on as a clinic and individuals within the clinic. I would recommend FOTO"

Kari Lambden Braun, BScPT, Cert. MDT

Bonavista Physical Therapy

Calgary, Alberta

Lori Neill"Understanding and managing the factors that can influence the success of your clinic is vital...the quality of the services you are providing, the efficiency of the delivery of services, patient satisfaction and physiotherapist performance. A lot of us don’t like to talk about it, but in the crowded rehabilitation market, lack of attention to any one of these factors can damage your reputation and impact your profitability. FOTO is the one tool that allows me to measure and monitor each one of these critical markers of success in our profession. At a time when we do not seem to have time for anything more....it would be impossible for me as a clinic owner to do this without FOTO. FOTO is a partner in my success."


Lori Neill, BPE, BHScPT, MBA, Owner

Lead the Way


"As a Physiotherapist and owner of a private physiotherapy practice, I believe blending research and practice is key in the delivery of quality care to our patients. Approximately two years ago, we began incorporating FOTO into our clinic to assist us in providing this care.

We initially became interested in FOTO as we felt its risk adjustment capabilities would provide relevant information to discuss with patients at the time of their assessment as well as during their course of treatment.  As we investigated FOTO further, we saw there were other useful tools such as the report that each Physiotherapist could receive regarding their patient outcomes per condition and/or injured area. As this would indicate both strengths, and areas of improvement, it could provide useful information regarding ongoing educational decisions for each individual Physiotherapist as well as collectively for the clinic.  The patient satisfaction survey would also provide useful feedback to each individual Physiotherapist, as well as to the clinic as a whole.  We also saw that the data received from the different reports would be useful for marketing purposes.

As a fairly new clinic to the FOTO system, we are excited about how it addresses the areas that have always been important to us. However, we feel there is now an established system that provides qualitative and objective information we can use in the delivery of patient care, continuous quality improvement projects and in the marketing to the public, Doctors and other health professionals about the quality of care we provide. We look forward to continuing to use FOTO in our practice."

Bonny O’Hare Owner/Director

Pro Motion Physiotherapy

Thornhill, Ontario


"FOTO is a very useful tool for our clinical practice as physical therapists. We use the results to target functional goals with our patients and strengthen the recommended treatment plan. It’s a great tool to integrate in the clinic!"




Jennifer Khalil, pht, M.Sc.


Montreal, Quebec

Nancy Hicks“FOTO can demonstrate the benefits of the MDT Method through measuring treatment effectiveness, efficiency and client satisfaction.”

Nancy Hicks, PT, Cert. MDT

Clinic Lead with Definitions Health and Wellness

St. Johns, Newfoundland


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