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Frequently Asked Questions Ebook

FOTO Frequently Asked Questions eBook

FOTO's predictIve healthcare analytics system provides an overall picture of clinic performance, patient care and satisfaction.

Understand how to improve patient care and facilitate clinician growth with:


  • Tracking clinical outcomes over time to understand performance
  • Measuring patient progress and satisfaction during treatment progress to guide care
  • Providing fair and accurate outcomes comparisons based on 13 risk adjustment factors
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What Our Customers Are Saying...

FOTO has helped us recognize our strengths and weaknesses as individual clinicians and as a group. Monitoring outcomes has enabled us to identify our weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for learning and growth by mentoring clinicians and sparking  in-service topics. As a result we have all improved and our outcomes attest to this.  FOTO has become part of this clinic’s culture and has made us all more effective at addressing patient’s functional limitations and more efficient at making clinical decisions regarding treatment and discharge.
Michelle Young, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT
Valley Health Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Winchester Medical Center, Staff PT &amp; Team Leader

We invested in using FOTO about 9 years ago. We really found it valuable for our clinicians to understand their patients better and to measure patient improvement.

We’ve taken our outcomes and worked with a local payer on a value based model that rewards our practices in terms of reimbursement – a portion of that is based on our outcomes with FOTO.

Craig Johnson, PT, MBA
Therapy Partners, Director of Clinical Integrations