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Pay for Performance (P4P), not volume, is the new reality.

FOTO has all the metrics required for Quality Payment Programs and is a P4P Model.
FOTO has the capability to predict a final outcome after a robust risk adjustment process.
At the end of the episode of care, clinicians either met, exceeded or did not meet the prediction.
FOTO can easily communicate the information to the payer for adequate payment to the clinician.


FOTO provides immediate risk adjustment and prediction of your patients' functional Outcomes.   

Reporting metrics are standardized in a way that readily allows you to negotiate higher payments based on quality.

A number of payers recognize and accept FOTO Measures with Risk Adjusted Metrics and Predictive Analytics as a P4P model.   


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Healthcare reform is changing the way providers will be paid in the future. The trend is away from traditional fee for service to quality or Pay for Performance (P4P) programs.  FOTO has  led the way in the development of metrics for many payer quality based payment models.

FOTO has the capability to predict a final outcome after a robust risk adjustment process.  At the end of an episode of care, a clinician either met, exceeded or did not meet the prediction. FOTO easily communicates the information to the payer for payments based on quality.

Typically the payer implements the quality program, invites providers to participate in the program and then engages FOTO to be the manager of the database used to administer the program. The program bases payments on risk adjusted aggregated reports for a specific period of time.  Providers are ranked based on efficiency and effectiveness as reported by the FOTO Utilization Index. 

The payment methodology varies according to the payer objectives. Most want to reward efficient and effective care and apply an incentive payment to providers based on their performance reported by FOTO. Healthcare reform is focusing providers and payers on the Triple Aim of Healthcare: better care, excellent patient experience and lower total cost of care. Quality programs have shown to change provider behavior and demonstrate positive trends in improved care. Quality programs also makes the provider become accountable for the care they provide and lead to use of Evidence Based care.

FOTO is a leader in helping this change in reimbursement strategy because of our industry leading outcomes measurement and reporting process.