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What is Patient Engagement?

The term "Patient Engagement" is on the rise. Interestingly, the term is only used in the United States. 

What does it really mean? Why is this term only found in the United States?

Here's what I'm thinking about this trend. You see, in the sales world, there is a concept of customer relationship management (CRM). CRM uses customer data to help improve the business relationship with customers with the end result of maintaining customers and increasing sales.

Many of the tech start ups are interchanging their terminology and equating CRM with Patient Engagement. CRM isn't Patient Engagement.

The reason Patient Engagement is trending in the United States has to do with the change from volume to value. In order for value to actually work, patients need to be engaged in their care.

From a technology perspective, here is an example of Patient Relationship Management.

Patient_Engagement_with_TechnologyFrom a rehabilitation perspective, this isn't the same as Patient Engagement.

To understand Patient Engagement better, I did a bit of searching and came up with what Patient Engagement really means. 

I can see a few ways that by using Outcomes Manager, clinicians can enhance Patient Engagement. Judy Holder is always interested to share the many ways Outcomes Manager can help you with your patients.
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