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3 Ways to Persuade with Data

Do facts and data drive decisions? Can you persuade using data alone?

marketing_dataExcellent clinicians and executives and business owners use data to increase their likelihood of success when making decisions. Does data persuade anyone to change? No, data alone does not and will not persuade anyone to do anything. The key is to use the data to create messages that will persuade. Let's take the concept of marketing as an example. How can you use your data in a persuasive way?

1.  Highlight Pleasure:  Humans prefer to avoid pain and gain pleasure. We are all in the rehabilitation business. What do we do every day? How do episodes of care end? I will assume the data we have indicates a return to life. People get back to the things they love. Use your data to formulate a message that triggers a response to desire rehabilitation services to get back to doing what one loves.

2.  Least Demanding for Desired Result: In the rehabilitation industry, we know that rehabilitation doesn't appear to be the least demanding route. Rehabilitation is on the losing side of a natural human tendency toward laziness. Humans like the "easy" button. Rehabilitation takes work and commitment. In the medical world, most patients don't see an end in sight to resolve their problem. The unknown can be daunting and scary. What will it take for a person to get back to life? Let's say surgery is one option versus rehabilitation. Surgery seems to be a quick fix, but is it really? Surgery has a high personal demand for, at times, results similar to rehabilitation. Can you create a picture of hope for patients? You'll be able to BLANK in X visits over Y days. 

3.  Provide an Advantage Between Options: The rehabilitation marketplace is a big data void. At the moment, the rehabilitation marketplace focuses on services provided. Use your data to create a relative advantage between the faceless services. Do you think something like the below would provide a relative advantage? Various options are available to provide the service... this location is cream of the crop.



Do you use rehabilitation data to help persuade those in your community to choose you?

Judy Holder is the person who can help you have more data than you can imagine about the services you provide. She can even discuss how FOTO provides tools to help you market your data.
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