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3 Ways You Know You Have a Culture of Engaged Clinicians

Written by Selena Horner | Feb 25, 2016 10:30:00 AM

It saddens me when I hear colleagues in social media or even at conferences state that the majority of rehab professionals are satisfied with status quo. My interpretation of that: the status of the industry is fine... the majority focus on showing up and pulling a paycheck... and lack of realization that patients are at our mercy with our time, energy, knowledge and talent. As I think deeper on what I hear, I believe what is really occurring is the lack of an organizational culture that engages clinicians.

...everyone in healthcare really has two jobs when they come to work every day: to do their work and to improve it. ~What is ‘‘quality improvement’’ and how can it transform healthcare? Batalden, P; Davidoff, F. Qual Saf Health Care. 2007 February; 16(1): 2–3.

A culture that requires performing a clinical role and thinking about how to improve has clinician engagement. As I sit here thinking about what that kind of culture would look like, three things pop into my head.

1) The organization provides appropriate tools to help clinicians complete their role in such a way that quality and patient-centeredness is included in the first step with every patient. Quality improvement can't be considered real unless patient data is included within the metrics.

2) The organization provides appropriate tools to easily help clinicians know the expected outcomes for each and every patient. Without a specific, targeted goal, clinicians have no idea the level of quality to achieve.

3) The organization monitors expected outcomes via aggregated data. Ideally, the patient data is adequately risk adjusted to equally compare clinicians. The "monitoring" doesn't stay within administrative walls, but is shared and discussed with clinicians to help clinicians continually improve performance.

FOTO has a product that should definitely create a culture of engaged clinicians. Judy Holder is always ready to share how FOTO can help!

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