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5 Tips for Successful Networking

The Outcomes Conference will be here in no time. Last week I wrote about the 6 Bare Bones of Networking. The thought of networking often times makes me feel queasy. For me, being in a room with 20 or more people is uncomfortable. For those of you who have the same discomfort, I'd like to share what I do when I'm in a situation that involves interacting with a large group. Networking involves conversations with people who may or may not be total strangers.


1.  Determine My Attitude - Attitude matters. My mental state affects my interactions. Do I really and truly care about the types of individuals who will be attending? If I do, then I need to mentally prepare for deeper discussions. If I do not, then I just need to focus on light, irrelevant topics.

2.  Assist Someone - Food and drinks are provided at most events. If I see someone struggling with carrying their stuff... or needing a refill... helping tends to lead to a nice conversation. 

3.  I Remember We are All People - I avoid focusing on anyone's title or their accomplishments. First and foremost, everyone in attendance is a person. 

4.  I Walk Away from Anyone Scoping the Room - If a person is predominantly preoccupied with scanning the room, at that moment, the person isn't interested in conversing with me. It's better to kindly disengage myself and walk away.

5.  Ask Questions About the Person - If I ask the right question, I can learn quite a bit about someone. Every person is an expert about themselves.

Successful networking starts with a smile and an introduction. In the event you love everything about rehabilitation outcomes, FOTO has the best conference for you to learn and network.

Outcomes Conference

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