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All About Crosswalks #OC2018

Crosswalks aren't always as simple as you'd think. FOTO's Outcomes Conference held in Denver, Colorado from September 27th - September 29th provides insight on the various patient reported outcome measures available to you. This is one session focuses on the scores of the measures and how the scores relate to each other.


 You were first introduced to the concept of crosswalked scores when Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rolled out their mandatory requirement to report functional limitation on every patient who had Medicare or Medicaid as a payer. At that time the crosswalk focused on interpreting the score into a percent disability. Because the crosswalks were rolled out so darn quickly for both performance measures and patient reported outcome measures that did not have a direct interpretation involved in level of disability, I don't believe the crosswalks truly had science backing the accuracy of the crosswalk.

In this session, Michael Kallen will really bring the science of crosswalks into the picture. FOTO's measures use computer adaptive testing to be both as precise and as efficient as possible in determining a patient's functional ability. You know how science moves at the speed of light yet the implementation of the science moves like a tortoise? Well, Michael will discuss the situation of how the highly scientific FOTO Functional Status Score can actually be crosswalked to a legacy tool in the event a third party payer is still moving like a tortoise. What this means for you is that you can keep your science, precision and efficiency and while at the same time having the capability to accommodate the tortoises of the world.

Be prepared for a deep discussion of the science involved in creating crosswalks. When FOTO crosswalks its scores, a lot of data has been used in the process to ensure the process is as accurate as possible.

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In the event this conference is new to you, here are the thoughts from an attendee from last year's conference:

Timing of sessions, breakouts and location. Ability to get out and move about if needed. Presenters availability to talk to afterwards.

The content of the conference revolves around outcomes: sharing the science,  helping with implementation, understanding data, using the data clinically, increasing patient engagement, marketing and discussing payer contracts focused on value based purchasing.

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I'll keep you updated via blog posts about the conference topics as I learn the details, so stay tuned!

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