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APTA CSM 2017 Sessions Focused on Value Based Purchasing

 If you told me 20 years ago that the healthcare world would change to value efficient and effective care, I'd look at you with a questioning expression. I guess back when I was much younger and naive, I assumed all care was of high quality. I mean, doctors spend a ton of time learning and physical therapists typically enter the profession to help others.  I know now that my inexperienced beliefs were quite wrong.

Although I believe it is definitely important to recognize and appreciate the level of quality of care that physical therapists provide, it seems that there may be a factor that is even more important. It seems the sooner an appropriate patient enters into the the care of physical therapists, the greater the chances that value is provided (no matter the quality of care).  Even if this is probably true, that doesn't mean that physical therapists should ignore the level of quality provided. If we ignore this aspect, we lose the opportunity to learn, grow and improve our care. We lose the opportunity to negotiage to be paid for the value we provide.

FOTO can be considered a "big data" system for physical therapists. It can answer the questions about the quality of care provided... identify top notch clinicians in an organization... provide a platform for negotiating contracts. Not all outcomes measurement systems are the same. As the focus shifts to value based purchasing, make sure your organization has the right systems in place for you to be successful.

Session details are below for your convenience. May these presenters spark interest for those in attendance. May the presenters help physical therapists really begin to think about the care they provide along with both short term and long term results. May physical therapists begin to not only appreciate episodic care but also the total cost of care.


(Re)Design Care and Outcomes for Success in a Value-Based Purchasing Environment
  • Section: Private Practice Section
  • Date: Thursday, February 16, 2017
  • Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Location: Hilton Palacio del Rio
  • Room: Salon del Rey B
  • Speaker(s):
How Good are You? A Value-Based Approach to Neurologic Physical Therapy