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Nikki Rasmussen

Nikki Rasmussen, P.T., Cert. MDT Clinical Lead, Provider Relations, FOTO, Inc. Nikki joined the FOTO team in July of 2016 as the Clinical Lead in Provider Relations after 21 years in clinical practice in Wisconsin. At FOTO, Nikki assists clinics and clinicians with their clinical questions and processes concerns, and instructs clinics implementing FOTO and PT students whose universities use FOTO on clinical rotation.

Aug 06, 2017 | Nikki Rasmussen

Take Your Data and Run for the Green

I am a runner. I don’t look like what many people visualize a runner to be. I am not fast, and I am not very likely to place in my age group, nor in anyone else’s for that matter. My spot is typically toward the back of the pack. And even though I’m not a fast runner, many a weekend morning, the girl who feigned illness to avoid running in gym in junior high now pays money to run several miles with a bunch of strangers.

Being the statistics nerd that I am, after crossing the finish line of a race, I eagerly check my phone for a text from the timing company, compare it to my running watch, and analyze my overall time and splits for this race. Once I get home, I assess my historical race data, and compare it to see how my performance at this event stacks up with previous endeavors for me.

After a recent race, while I was looking at my sports watch app and analyzing my data, I suddenly realized how similar running participation is to outcomes participation and analyzing outcomes data. And then, my statistics brain wondered what my data would look like on a FOTO Scorecard.

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Jun 08, 2017 | Nikki Rasmussen

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...” Reflecting on Outcomes

Every morning, we look in the mirror while we comb our hair, brush our teeth, and ready ourselves for the day. Once we are satisfied with our reflection, we head out to face whatever the universe has in store for us. Sometimes we are satisfied with a clean t-shirt and a baseball cap, and we are on our way quickly. Other days, we need to spend more time on a more formal appearance. But no matter what the day, we all check the mirror at least once.

For as often as we do that with our personal appearance, how frequently do we reflect on our professional one? Of course, we know how to do this exceptionally well with individual patients. While the patients are with us in the clinic each day, we measure their range, their strength, use special tests and our evaluative skills, and of course, ask them how they think they are doing. We interpret the results of this information to determine if they are progressing toward the goals that we have agreed are appropriate.

Consider this, though. How frequently do we step back, look at the combined results of all of our patient data, and assess how we are performing and give ourselves the “once-over”?

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