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FOTO Rehab Outcomes Blog

Back2Basics Outcomes Conference 2015 Highlights

Last year the feedback from the outcomes conference indicated that many in attendance would enjoy a session on detailed specifics on the day to day use of Outcomes Manager from both an administrator perspective and a support staff perspective.

Trish spent the afternoon discussing the administrative side of things. Adding a patient, creating an episode, a little bit of completing an assessment and then the various aspects in the portal.

In the below photo, Trish is showing how the FOTO system has automated the process for PQRS reporting. In this example, the focus was on falls. If a patient indicates one fall with an injury, the system automatically begins the abbreviated Activities of Balance Confidence Scale.

Trish Reviewing abbreviate ABC scale

From a clinical perspective, it is important for the rehabilitation professional to have a good understanding of the final intake report. The Intake Functional Status Summary has information that can help guide treatment and help guide conversations the clinician may have with the individual patient.

Trish Reviewing Intake Functional Status Summary

The portal is where administrators view aggregated data. This data can be filtered by clinic, clinician or impairment. The scorecard provides an at a glance synopsis of outcomes.

FOTO Scorecard

The new component added to the portal was introduced: process metrics. Your outcomes are only as good as your processes. FOTO Team has implemented a quick way to know if statuses are being captured prior to discharge and at what point in time before discharge the status occurs. The standard for days between status and discharge is no more than 7 days to capture the most amount of change.

Discharges with Status

What is quite apparent from this session... FOTO is a system. It captures information that is helpful for clinicians at the individual patient level. In the report portal, the system allows clinicians to manage their outcomes.

What a great start to this year's conference! Excited for tomorrow!

Until next time,