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Call for Speakers: Clinical Outcomes Summit 2019

The Clinical Outcomes Summit in Knoxville, Tennessee is an event for every clinician and leader who believes that the power of outcomes management will drive change for patients, clinicians and payers. Plan to expand your views on what's possible for your clinic(s) from October 23rd through the 25th. Better yet, share your story. 

clinical-outcomes-summitThe goal of this Summit is to bring together the pioneers of outcomes management. Outcomes management is the new frontier. Expeditions into this world began over 20 years ago in the rehabilitation industry. The initial history began with designing and using patient reported outcome measures. After that, the horizon opened into a vast frontier focusing on what to do with the information. In this new frontier, the expeditions are difficult. We know expeditions have failed; we know trial and error is par for the course. Good leaders will not immediately succeed when venturing into new waters. Some pioneers are blazing trails into the new frontier. This conference focuses on the outcomes management expeditions into the new frontier.

The collective we that makes up the rehabilitation industry will only be better through the sharing of expeditions: failures and successes. Although the rehabilitation industry is very heterogeneous in nature, there is commonality: we do what we do every day because we care about our patients. Each and every patient is trusting their lives with us to provide the best care possible to achieve the highest outcome. The new frontier expands outside of the patient-provider relationship and enters into the provider-payer relationship. The new frontier is complicated. The pioneers blazing the trails are making history and are the key for our industry's future successful survival.

Due to intentional planning, the Summit is now accepting proposals for leaders and pioneers to share their expedition. This Summit needs you: it needs you to tell your story of your expedition. Diversity within this Summit means your expedition in acute, long term, outpatient, home health, or hospice care is important to hear and relevant. You can be a physician, nurse, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, patient, payer, scientist, attorney or a representative from a health care system. Your story matters and this Summit provides you the opportunity to share your story. It provides you an opportunity to lead outside your four walls. It provides you an opportunity to help others embark on their expedition. (And if you know someone who has been on an expedition and is ready to share the journey, definitely nominate this person as a speaker!)

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 Now that I have your attention, you may be wondering what kind of expeditions meet the Summit criteria?

 Expeditions Focused on Patients

  • Using Outcome Measures to Improve Outcomes
  • Using Outcome Measures to Define Care Pathways
  • Using Outcome Measures to Engage Patients
  • Using Outcome Measures to Market to Patients

Expeditions Focused on Science and Research Involved in Outcomes Management

  • Design of Measures
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Classification
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Expeditions Focused on Clinician Performance

  • Engaging Clinicians
  • Evaluating Clinical Performance
  • Incentivizing Clinical Performance
  • Standardizing Clinical Performance
  • Determining Clinical Standards of Performance
  • Implementing Quality into Practice

Expeditions Focused on Payers

  • Contractual Arrangements Focused on Quality
  • Required Reporting Mechanisms to Assist with Contracts
  • Increased Payments Due to Quality of Care

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I'll keep you updated via blog posts about keynote speakers and presenters as I learn the details, so stay tuned!Clinical-Outcomes-Summit

Until next time,