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FOTO Op - Complete to Compete

Written by FOTO Team | Dec 28, 2016 8:14:46 PM

FOTO is extending an opportunity for all rehabilitation providers to excel in all things related to outcomes. Nikki will be providing her FOTO Tips.

2017 kicks off with gaming! Nikki has been working on a creating a bit of competition. Compete with each other on January 12th or 17th. 

Is your Outcomes Scorecard the "real picture" of your practice? Do you know why it is so important to capture a status as close to discharge as possible? Do you know the difference between participation rate and completion rate? What about complete vs. incomplete discharges?

This webinar is going to be a fun and interactive one that involves education AND participation from the attendees -bring your mobile device to play! The more who play, the more fun it will be. And seriously, PT's and OT's aren't competitive?

*** You will need a mobile device in addition to the computer from which you are watching the webinar or you will need to have two browser windows open, which might slow down the speed of the game for you.***

Check out the schedule... Register for sessions that interest you... Share the schedule.

Please share any topic suggestions in the comment section.