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Current Spending of Health Care Dollars



To have data and to understand data empowers all of us. A recent study in JAMA shared the health care spending trends in the United States from 1996 to 2013. The top 5 conditions that cost the most, require different care pathways to help reduce spending AND keep our population here in the United States more healthy. Non-communicable diseases, back and neck pain and falls are where money has been spent.

This data might be helpful in designing targeted rehabilitation programs. Maybe it is time for rehabilitation providers to create collaborative approaches with employers, primary care providers, specialists and community programs.  In order to change what is currently happening, we need to use this data to change status quo.

You can find the paper here: US Spending on Personal Health Care and Public Health, 1996-2013  

Do you see anything in the data that can help you improve spending in your community?

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