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Dashboards and Outcomes

Written by Selena Horner | Jul 29, 2015 9:14:19 PM
FOTO just released something that will help you tremendously. Have you checked out the dashboard? Is your clinic in the red, yellow or green? 
There is a story behind the new dashboard. Would you like to hear it?
FOTO Team has seen more contract negotiations in the last 3 years than in any years prior. In the more recent negotiations a new component is being built into the payment metrics. Negotiations include not only a particular level of quality, but also a predetermined percentage of all episodes with completed outcome data. Payers know if clinicians are collecting all the data because they are comparing claims to the data received. The concept of cherry picking is becoming obsolete. 
FOTO Team houses and delivers all the data in negotiated contracts to the payer. The payer doesn't want clinics involved in providing data. FOTO Team wanted to build into the system a way for clinic administrators to immediately know how well clinicians and staff were performing when it came to collecting data to eliminate any surprises when it came time to deliver data to the payer.
How could FOTO Team help clinics and clinicians succeed? FOTO Team sat back and had multiple discussions on how to have all of you prepared for the future. The future seems to be collecting data on all patients and achieving consistently high results. The final decision was to create a dashboard that would help you know at a glance exactly how well your outcome processes were doing.
In my opinion the dashboard metrics are helpful for quite a few reasons. Consistent processes allows you to capture completed data sets. Completed data sets:
  • create a quantified clinical experience portfolio. 
  • means you have status updates done at key points in time help drive clinical decisions.
  • provide more data for your quarterly scorecard.
  • provide consistency in reporting functional limitation G codes to Medicare.
  • assist with database registries.
  • leverage your contract negotiations.
  • allow you to market to consumers.
  • determine continuing education needs.

You can see your process metrics both the administrative report portal and in Outcomes Manager. Processes are key to capturing completed data. You now have a way to manage your processes and be more successful in acquiring completed data.

Are you happy with the results of the processes you have in place? If your metrics indicate you need improvement, what will need to change for your clinicians and clinic to be successful?

Until next time,