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Day 1 of Outcomes Conference 2015

Written by FOTO Team | Apr 19, 2015 2:22:13 AM
Welcome to the morning! The day started off with breakfast for all!
The twitter buzz words for the day:
Outcomes 2015 is the largest it has ever been! 
The day started with clinical implementation and changing culture with Josh Bailey and Ryan Webb.
A couple of memorable tweets from their session:

Mark Werneke and Deanna Hayes shared the science and art of collecting and using data to achieve great outcomes. 

You had to be present during the presentation by Jeff Hathaway, Craig Johnson and Les Shute to fully grasp how to leverage FOTO outcomes. 

Daniel Deutscher ended the day with the results the level of McKenzie education had on functional outcomes and utilization in patients who have low back pain. 

What a day! Hope you are all enjoying the evening! We'll be sharing tomorrow's highlights.

Until next time,