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Design for Performance: FOTO Outcomes in an Aligned Care Model #OC2018

Every day with each patient, you are "on stage" and performing. Parts of your performance are captured by third party payers. FOTO's Outcomes conference held in Denver, Colorado from September 27th - September 29th provides multiple sessions to help you in your performance. 


Whether you like it or not, you truly are in the spotlight. Although you don't get to experience stage fright nor do you ever get to experience a red carpet ceremony with paparazzi, your performance has an impact on your organization.

In a Friday session, Craig Johnson and Jody Hahn share their insight about how your performance not only affects the episode of care but also expands into the total picture of healthcare. Yes, your services impact far more than just the episode of care. Craig and Jody will expound upon how each episode of care is part of a far bigger picture. 

When you are "on stage" providing services, the results of your services are digitized into each third party payer's system. Craig and Jody will highlight how you can use your FOTO data to enhance what the third party payer has already digitized. Craig and Jody will dig deeper into how FOTO data assists with creating a business model based on collaborative care. More than anything, you don't want or need to have your payments reduced over frivolous decisions made by outside stakeholders. If there were a red carpet, you'd want to be walking down it and celebrated for your performance .

 In the event this conference is new to you, here are the thoughts from an attendee from last year's conference:

I enjoyed the ability to network with other FOTO users and to learn better how to implement FOTO in my practice. It was especially helpful to listen to presentations on current topics that had relevance not only to PT but to healthcare in general. The use of the app was really awesome, making it easy to view the schedule, presentations and take notes.

The content of the conference revolves around outcomes: sharing the science,  helping with implementation, understanding data, using the data clinically, increasing patient engagement, marketing and discussing payer contracts focused on value based purchasing.

Please register now to reserve your seat! Register now!

I'll keep you updated via blog posts about the conference topics as I learn the details, so stay tuned!

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