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Don't Lose 30 Potential Patients

Whether you realize it or not, when a patient does not complete a full episode of care, you may be putting your organization at a large financial risk. Do you know why?

Let me share with you a few examples of what may happen if a disgruntled patient discontinues the episode of care.



Do You Consistently Give Your Patients a Way to Share Their Experience?

The findings in a 2009 study by Convergys Corp. found that it only takes ONE negative online review to lose 30 customers. Could there be a better way for your patients to communicate dissatisfaction with you? Can you minimize negative experiences before the "ranting online" tipping point is reached? 

The FOTO Team has figured out a way to help reduce the chances of your organization experiencing early self-discharge and low online reviews. You are possibly thinking that you don't ask for online reviews, so this may not be relevant. What if a disgruntled patient decided to share the experience in social media with all their family, friends and neighbors? 83% of people say they generally trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products and services – making these recommendations the most trustworthy. [Nielsen] Do you track whether your patients would recommend you to their family and friends? On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your patients would not recommend your organization to those they know, do you know why?

The FOTO Team created a Marketing Suite that includes the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Dashboard. The Net Promoter Score has been available since August 2018. The dashboard provides 2 opportunities: 1) to market comments from your patients and 2) to immediately address issues when NPS is at or below a defined threshold that indicates risk for self-discharge, poor online reviews and/or spread of negative word of mouth. FOTO NPS

The ability to receive real-time email alerts for cut-off NPS scores allows you to set up processes to help alleviate patient concerns. If your organization sets up Outcomes Management to automatically email patients to complete functional assessments (and the NPS with the combined optional comments), you will be acquiring both clinical and patient experience information in a very timely manner. You will need processes in place to address concerns with NPS scores and comments.

What's in the Marketing Suite? Learn more.

You can easily use patient comments as testimonials. You can monitor the NPS score by clinician, clinic and organization. One of the best features of the NPS Dashboard is the real-time email alerts. You can be proactive when a patient is feeling disloyal to your organization. You have the opportunity to learn what your patient perceives about the whole package experience. If you take time to reach out to the patient and genuinely care, you may receive pearls of insight that will help you improve processes within your organization. It is probably far less stressful to reach out, adjust and change versus learning about the poor experience online. Once the patient shares a negative experience online, you have a difficult problem to overcome. 

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