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Eliminate the Guru Put Your Trust in Real Experts

Each year that I have attended FOTO's Outcomes Conference, a question pops up. "What are clinicians who achieve excellent outcomes doing to get those results?"  Invariably a great discussion happens... and we all walk away wondering.


There are quite a few clinicians out there selling their "instant fix" and sharing testimonials and videos of their success. In those cases, I politely ask for data. There is never any data. I'm excited to see the conversation being flipped. There is nothing better than learning from the "quiet" ones - the ones in the trenches who are consistently delivering successful results. 

This is the first year that FOTO dug into its database of clinicians focusing on those who excel at treating individuals with shoulder problems. Invited clinicians met strict criteria which included having complete data for 50% or more of their patients who had shoulder problems. In addition to having complete data sets, FOTO focused on clinicians who achieved a 50% or better percentile ranking in effectiveness along with a 50% or better percentile ranking in efficiency. Twenty-nine clinicians met the strict invitation criteria. Three of the top 5 said yes to being on a Shoulder Outcomes Leader Panel

I am really excited to learn from three experts in the are of treating individuals who have shoulder problems. Dan Donnelly, PT, ATC who is the Clinical Coordinator at Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi is someone who I have connected with via email and phone conversations. I am delighted to meet and learn from him. Gus Gutierrez, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT is the Clinical Director for Baton Rouge Physical Therapy at the Lake in Gonzalez, Louisiana. Kevin Touchet, MPT is a Partner at Thibodeaux, Albro and Touchet Therapy Group in Jennings, Louisiana. Both Gus and Kevin are new to me. I am sure that I will learn tidbits from them to change my clinical approach.

I can already see that Linda Resnik's work on expert clinicians is proving true for this panel. Each of the panelists have differing levels of education. There is also a hint of what John Childs found about practice setting and clinical outcomes. We have a clinician in a hospital setting and two clinicians in private practices. I see one thing in common with all three which I find interesting: all three have some level of leadership within their organization.

If you were sitting at a table with 3 individuals who were experts at treating individuals who have shoulder problems, what burning question would you ask them? Definitely comment and share your burning question! I'll be moderating this panel discussion and am always in need of ideas!

It's not too late to register! The conference is in Knoxville, TN from April 15th - 17th, 2016. The Dogwood Festival is concurrently happening in Knoxville. 

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