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Friday #APTACSM 2019 Top Picks

This year the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association is happening much earlier. The meeting is scheduled in Washington DC from January 23-26

One social event sponsored by FOTO and ReDoc is the Mojito Meet-Up is tonight (January 25th) at 6 pm at Cuba Libre.

Mojito Meet-Up Details and RSVP

Take advantage of social events to meet new colleagues and catch up with colleagues you may only see once a year.

This year there are many sessions that should connect for those of you who appreciate outcomes, payer contracts focused on value, and ways to improve your outcomes.

Friday 8-10 am    Pain Talks: Conversations With Pain Science Leaders on the Future of the Field (Carol Courtney, Steven George, Adriaan Louw, Carolyn McManus, Mark Shepherd, Kathleen Sluka, Derrick Sueki)

Look at the panel line up in this session!  The majority of patients treated by physical therapists are experiencing pain.  This group of panelists should be able to change the way you practice. You will be able to engage in the discussion by texting or emailing the moderator. 

Friday 8-10 am   Emerging Issues in Medicare: Payment Updates and Hot Topics (Kara Gainer, Heather Smith)

medicare-payment-updates-2019As you are well aware, Medicare has quite a few changes for 2019.  This session focuses on what is new for 2019. 

Friday 8-10 am    Sleep: The Impact of Sleep on Pain, Healing, and Wellness ( David Boland, Daniel Rhon, Jason Silvernail, Deydre Teyhen)

A great group of presenters will be in this session. Research continues to indicate the importance of sleep. Think some of the habits your patients have. Are they looking at their mobile devices at night? Are they actually getting good sleep? This session should shed light on ways to assess sleep and discuss the importance of sleep with your patients. Do you know if or when a patient needs a referral for poor sleep? Do you know who you should refer a patient in the event that poor sleep is affecting life?

Friday 8-10 am   Fake News: Error, Ethics, and Evidence in Publication of Research  (Ryan Duncan, Edelle Field-Fote, Teresa Kimberley, Daniel Peterson)

clinical-significance-vs-statistical-significanceIf you think fake news is only a media journalist issue, apparently the problem has leaked into the professional world. This session will provide you with the ammunition you need to question or ignore published studies. 

See Booth 1121 Details!

This year FOTO has something special.  A few of the research advisory board members will be available to speak with you one-on-one. Deanna Hayes will be at FOTO's booth (#1121) on Friday from 1:15-1:30 pm for a Science Talk to discuss the New Lymphedema Functional Status Measures. You can also learn from Deana when she presents her oncology platform presentation. 

Deanna Hayes - Oncology Platform Presentation - Friday: 11 am - 1 pm

Upper Extremity Regional Swelling Physical Function Measure: Development, Calibration, and Initial Validation

The focus of Deanna's topic:  Patients with upper extremity swelling are affected functionally. Deanna will share about the development of a new functional PRO measure for patients with lymphedema and other types of regional swelling.

Friday 11 am -1 pm   The Athlete in Pain: Moving Beyond the Tissues to the Person  (Zachary Christopherson, Steven George, Mason Gist, Trevor Lentz, James Matheson, Brandon Ness)

One of FOTO's family, JW Matheson, is speaking during this session. In 2018 Trevor Lentz was announced as the recipient of the D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant. Lentz's work focuses on creating an improved version of the OSPRO-YF measure.

This session will highlight factors that also need to be included in assessments when treating athletes who are injured. The factors extend beyond just the biomedical aspect of the injury.

Friday 11 am -1 pm  A  The Movement System: Application in Aging Adults Across Clinical Settings  (Kathleen Mangione, Myla (Myles) Quiben, Patricia Scheets)

If I recall, there is a story behind this session.  I believe there has been collaboration between the geriatric and neurologic sections. This session will include new ways to examine, assess and evaluate movement systems in older adults.  The session will extend beyond the evaluation process and include how the assessment can guide treatment.

Friday 11 am -1 pm  Emerging Issues in Medicare: Quality Programs and Alternative Payment Models  (Kara Gainer, Heather Smith)

MIPS-score-interpretationAlthough Medicare has implemented many different payment models, I have a feeling this session will focus the bulk of its attention on MIPS. Physical therapists are now included in MIPS. As I have shared in the past, FOTO is able to help you if you are required to participate, are opting-in, or voluntarily reporting. 

Friday 3-5 pm  Leveraging Big Data to Inform Clinical Decisions and Drive Quality Improvement  (Jason Falvey, Maggie Horn, Addie Middleton, Catherine Schmidt)

Health services research doesn't require randomized trials. This type of research uses payer databases and your own electronic medical record data. The data is real, clinical data. This session will discuss how this data can help with reducing variation of practice and improving quality. Did you know that FOTO allows access to its registry? You can request data for research purposes.

Stop by booth 1121 to talk to the FOTO team. Rayleana, Judy, and Nikki have a few focused topics on their agenda that might interest you. Product demonstrations will of course be happening at the booth. The new topic will be how FOTO is ready to support your MIPs participation with FOTO's clinical quality data registry. I hear that you will be able to see the dashboard the development team created to help you succeed. On Thursday you have a chance to hear from Mark Werneke sharing the upcoming online educational courses. As mentioned above, on Friday you have an opportunity to hear from Deanna Hayes about the development of a new patient reported outcome measure for regional swelling.  On Saturday Daniel Deutscher will be here from Israel sharing the importance of risk adjustment and the risk you assume when your data is not appropriately risk adjusted. Mark Werneke will again be at the booth on Saturday to share how the frequency of assessment affects outcomes.

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