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"Have a Nice Day"

Written by Selena Horner | Sep 10, 2016 1:21:56 AM

Context means everything. A few years ago during a panel discussion on social media, a panelist mentioned that this is the response used to "politely" end an unenjoyable discussion. The other day as I was talking to a patient and her husband, this same quote came up in conversation.

Ed is paid to be a standardized patient by a few universities in Michigan. He travels from one Great Lake across the mitten to another Great Lake playing his role to help physicians learn to communicate and have empathy while interacting with patients. He's at universities and hospitals. He's been doing this for quite a few years since he retired.

As I was treating his wife, I said, "this is normal," after she reported what she was feeling. I then paused and changed my thoughts. "Actually, no, this isn't normal. We both know you wouldn't be here if you felt like your neck was normal. What I meant was that from my perspective what you are saying is typical of what I am told by many other patients." 

Ed smiled at me. I laughed and said, "I should have you sitting here grading my interactions!" He told a story of a physician-to-be that he failed. His role that day was to be a grumpy patient who had persistent pain. I don't know all the details, but Ed shared how the young upcoming physician responded, "Have a good day," as he walked out of the room. Ed was right. This statement completely minimized Ed and his situation. Ed really wasn't going to "have a good day."

Have you thought of the conversations that you have with your patients? I have truly enjoyed using FOTO's Patient Specific Reports. I feel like I can more quickly bond and create a good rapport with patients from day one. Unlike other medical forms that are completely focused on medical history and symptoms, FOTO asks for personal thoughts from patients about how they are able to function in their lives. Since I've been using FOTO, my conversations have changed because I can immediately discuss what matters to the patients: how their lives are being affected. I think I can better grasp their situation. One of the best features though, is FOTO's predictive capability. I have a feeling the majority of my patients love hearing me tell them, "I feel quite confident that I can help you and here's why." 

As Ed and his wife were heading out the door, I said, "Ed, have a nice day," as I winked at him.


FOTO really does a nice job in giving you a report that will help you create a good rapport your patients. If you are searching for a product that gives you more than just a functional outcomes score, please talk to Judy Holder. FOTO can definitely be a solution for you.

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