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Highlight Speaker: Daniel Lord, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health

What do Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Intuit have in common? An innovative healthcare delivery model. Daniel Lord, the Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health, assists these self-insured employers in providing health care on-site (or very near site). The Crossover Health vision changes a provider's behavior. Although the providers do not deal with insurance companies, they are paid based on outcomes and patient experience. The integrated model of care encourages real collaboration between providers. Is the care better? You can check out Daniel's recent publication to see what you think: Integrated Physical Medicine at Employer-Sponsored Health Clinics Improves Quality of Care at Reduced Cost.

The team is excited to bring Daniel Lord to the center stage to share his expertise in outcomes management. Crossover Health's care model requires the collaborative team to view the patient as their North Star. Payment is heavily weighted on delivering outcomes and patient satisfaction. Learn ways to use your data to demonstrate the value of your care.


Fly into Knoxville, Tennessee for the Clinical Outcomes Summit! Enjoy a few Southern fall days from October 23rd through the 25th. This is not just for FOTO clients, this program is designed for every clinician and leader who believes that the power of outcomes management will drive change for patients, clinicians, practices, and payers.  Check out the video below. Get the vibe from last year's Summit and hear thoughts from attendees.

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 Although the summit is packed with learning opportunities from a variety of speakers, the summit is also designed to be memorable. Because this summit is laser focused on managing clinical outcomes, participants will meet and interact with others who have similar needs, struggles and passion. Southern hospitality is at its finest as you enjoy mingling during the welcome reception, a group luncheon and a picnic lunch. There is also talk of an evening "fun run."

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