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How Do You Interact with Your Top Referrals?

Before you begin to reach out to a top referring physician, do you feel a bit anxious? Does it feel more like a cold call? What if there was a way to communicate with your top referrals with information that captivates them? There is a way.... "flip it" so your top referrals want to talk to you.

referral_reportYears ago when the rules of engagement were different, physicians were spoiled with all sorts of goodies. Food, golf, tickets to events, and medication samples were all fair game. Although times have changed, physicians continue to have appointments with individuals representing businesses that have something or another that the physician should be interested in having, using, or prescribing.

In order to "flip it," so that physicians are reaching out to you, you need something that speaks to them. You also need to reach them within their own time and space that doesn't feel intrusive or interruptive. Do you think physicians wonder about what happens after a patient is sent for rehabilitative services? Do patients respond to treatment? Are patients satisfied with the referral?

Physicians may wonder: "Do my patients improve with rehabilitative services?"

If physicians typically wonder about this question, you have a perfect way to answer that question by easily sending information to their inbox. The information is specific for each top referrer about their patients referred to your organization. All of us appreciate knowing that we made a good choice. A good referral is a positive reflection upon the referrer. Seeing the results of care solidifies the decision-making process for top referrers to 1) continue to suggest patients receive services at your facility and 2) share information about your organization among their colleagues and peers.

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BackAppWhen you "flip it," your top referring physicians now have the opportunity to reach out to you to learn more. You snagged their attention. They have an interest in learning more. The first time you send a Referral Report to a physician, there is a high likelihood that someone in the office will reach out to you to learn more. Of course, the best thing you can do is set up a time to meet face-to-face with your top referrer. You now have a wonderful opportunity to really have time with the physician to begin building an even stronger relationship. 

What can you do during this meeting to continue an engaging discussion? You can take advantage of Outcomes2Go. Outcomes2Go is an application-like tool that will allow you to showcase your bright spots while on the fly. With this marketing tool, you pre-load your device with all the areas that you shine. You can then broaden your discussion from the top referral's patients to all patients referred to your facility. Because physicians are well-aware of value based health care, you can delve into effectiveness, efficiency and utilization. 

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The ability to send Referral Reports is something new for 2019. The new Marketing Suite has expanded to include more ways to engage and delight both your referrers and your patients.

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