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How Does System Integration Happen?

Written by Selena Horner | Nov 12, 2015 12:11:09 AM

Years ago, FOTO Team decided not to keep all the information in Outcomes Manager, FOTO's software system, a complete secret. FOTO's track record has been quite forward thinking, so I feel quite confident the behind the scene conversations included multiple discussions on how allowing areas within FOTO to be open source could be very beneficial for anyone using Outcomes Manager.

Because FOTO Team envisioned Outcomes Manager having the capability to interact with other software systems, the team wrote precise specifications that programmers interested in tapping into Outcomes Manager must follow. In the programming world, this is considered a program to program interface. The program to program interface specifies what functionality is available, how it must be used, and the exact formats allowed for interaction. Any system interested in plugging into FOTO's Outcome Manager must speak in the specific language outlined by FOTO Team in order to push information into Outcomes Manager or pull information from Outcomes Manager.

I know from using TheraOffice that it feels magical to have information autopopulating into Outcomes Manager. It isn't magic though. Programmers on the TheraOffice team spent more hours than I can imagine writing their programming code to meet FOTO's specifications for the seamless operation. Over the years, more and more software systems are plugging into FOTO for the value within Outcomes Manager. Most recently, Clinicient announced their integration capability. I haven't experienced their integration experience, but from my perspective, Clinicient is opting to integrate differently. Clinicient seems to be combining outcome information with financial information. Sounds like complicated programming was written for the magic those using Clinicient will experience!

For those of you at the APTA Private Practice Section's Annual Conference, you have an opportunity to visit various software companies that integrate with FOTO's Outcomes Manager. To help you find them easily, you can use the below list:

BMS: Booth 320

Clinicient: Booth 117

Hands on Technology (TheraOffice): Booth 520

Mediware: Booth 326

NextGen Healthcare (Redoc): Booth 305

Optimis: Booth 703

Practice Perfect: Booth 512

PT Pro: Booth 517

Raintree: Booth 702

SourceMed: Booth 416

TurboPT: Booth 712

WebPT: Booth 813


And... coming soon! MedBridge: Booth 217

So, the next time you happen to speak to individuals who have plugged into FOTO to allow you to enjoy seamless integration, defnitely thank them! They spent a lot of time, energy and multiple trial runs for you to have the experience you love. Enjoy PPS! It looks to be a great conference! Oh - and be sure to stop by and visit the FOTO Team at Booth 825.


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