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Information Technology and Enhancing Care Outcomes: Part II

We've been in the information technology business since 1994. At that time, information technology and care outcomes were not popular in either the health care industry nor the rehabilitative world. We continue to elevate our standards, improve our measurement processes and analyze aggregated rehabilitative outcome data. We are the standard in measuring rehabilitation outcomes. We support payers in their quality initiatives and payment models that focus on value versus volume.
We are excited to be in attendance at this year's HIMSS15 Annual Conference and Exhibition. We'd like to share sessions focused on our area of expertise and passion. Part II focuses on Monday.
Bundled Payment

Monday, April 13

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM CT in Room W190A

Leveraging Clinical Data for Risk Adjusting Bundled Payments

Soyal Momin, MS, MBA and Suma Thomas, MD, MBA, FACC will delve into the nuances of risk adjusting for bundled payment scenarios. In the rehabilitation world, our system is the only system that risk adjusts based on peer reviewed literature. We understand the key to success in equalizing patients lies in as accurate as possible risk adjusting. Clinicians rely on our system for risk adjusted predictions to help with clinical decision making while providing services. This session will definitely focus on the importance of comparing apples to apples to ensure appropriate payments.

If you happen to be in attendance this year and are interested in ways to incorporate a payment model for rehabilitation services that focuses on value, please stop by booth 7664 in the new exhibitor section. We love talking about outcomes and quality focused payment models! (And we can definitely discuss the relevant risk adjustment factors for rehabilitation.)  If you aren't in attendance OR are too crazy busy to stop by, no worries, fill out this information and we'll reach out to you!

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