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Maximum Walking Tolerance after Hip Fracture

Now the the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model is live, rehabilitation professionals need to know normal outcomes. The model only focuses on the first 90 days post joint replacement, which in my opinion is still in the early stages after the procedure since it takes a year to fully recover. Where did the 1 year to fully recover come from? 

Although I know the abstract is focused on individuals who had a hip fracture and may not have had a total hip arthroplasty, I did find it interesting to consider how many minutes a week an individual could tolerate walking. The reason for my intrigue: we are promoting public health and 150 minutes of moderate activity is advised. We do need to know what is normal ability after a hip fracture to then have an idea how to progress the patient to meet physical activity recommendations.

Keep in mind, this abstract focuses on individuals who are on average 110 days post hip fracture. Also keep in mind they may not have had a total hip replacement AND 110 days is outside of the 90 day Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model.

Below you will find a quick view of the abstract.