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New Approaches for Clinical Interpretation of Patient Reported Outcome Measures #OC2018

Your patient just completed the Neck Function Status Questionnaire using FOTO. Now what? FOTO's Outcomes Conference held in Denver, Colorado from September 27th - September 29th provides insight on all aspects involving outcomes. This is one session focused on the Neck Function Status Questionnaire.


If you really want to delve into understanding the science of interpreting results when using computer adaptive testing, Daniel Deutscher will provide the meat you'll need to gain more than just basic understanding to clinically interpret scores.

How is it determined that the change you are seeing in the patient's score is clinically relevant? Is it reliable? You already know that the questions a patient responds varies and is dependent upon the patient's individual responses. How exactly can the score not only be accurately determined but also consistent in its interpretation?

No worries, Daniel will bring the science to life and help you interpret the scores accurately. He will share the concept of functional staging. Through functional staging a score will have more meaning and allow patients and clinicians and payers to picture how a patient is able to function. 

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In the event this conference is new to you, here are the thoughts from an attendee from last year's conference:

Interaction w/ other clinicians and their outlook on FOTO and how to better utilize the tool. Also the presentations on how to engage staff and patients to get better outcomes and compliance.

The content of the conference revolves around outcomes: sharing the science,  helping with implementation, understanding data, using the data clinically, increasing patient engagement, marketing and discussing payer contracts focused on value based purchasing.

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I'll keep you updated via blog posts about the conference topics as I learn the details, so stay tuned!

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