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Outcomes Beyond Your Four Walls #OC2018

Do you believe your outcomes are just for your team? FOTO's Outcomes Conference held in Denver, Colorado from September 27th - September 29th provides insight on all aspects involving outcomes. This is one session focused on ways in which your outcomes have value outside of your four walls.


Have you considered the impact your outcomes could have in attaining patients via direct access? By direct access, I mean marketing directly to people who live in your area about your services.

David Grigsby has really changed his business model over the years. He has a high percentage of self-referrals (people who seek his services without a referral from a physician). He has also grown his business model to include telehealth. Because he has functional outcome data, he is able to immediately know how well he is doing with outcomes when providing telehealth. 

Telehealth is reserved for patients who need his expertise but do not live in the area. Telehealth is reserved for patients who have time constraints or are are not able to attend in-person appointments. In the rehabilitation world, telehealth is not a service that is typically acknowledged by an insurance carrier. David offers this service as an out-of-pocket option for patients. Patients are fully financially responsible for telehealth services. 

David will share how you can take your outcomes and your services into a realm that exists outside of your four walls.

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In the event this conference is new to you, here are the thoughts from an attendee from last year's conference:

Content and caliber of presentations / speakers Helpfulness and congeniality of all FOTO staff--

The content of the conference revolves around outcomes: sharing the science,  helping with implementation, understanding data, using the data clinically, increasing patient engagement, marketing and discussing payer contracts focused on value based purchasing.

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I'll keep you updated via blog posts about the conference topics as I learn the details, so stay tuned!

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