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Patient Perspective of Technology

Written by Selena Horner | Jun 15, 2015 10:00:00 AM

The other day while I was in the locker room after my swim training an interesting topic popped up. A lady mentioned she was seeing a specialist for her knee problem. This lady brought up the use of technology by that particular office.

Specialists are beginning to jump on the technology bandwagon. After the first lady mentioned technology, another lady piped up that her specialist was doing something similar. The two of them began comparing notes. Apparently the first lady received a link by email to complete all the paperwork. The second lady received a link also. That seemed to be the only commonality. The second lady uses her iPad for email and everything in her technology life. Unfortunately, the link she was provided could only work while on a computer. She was having difficulty completing the paperwork because she didn't recall the password to the computer and kept forgetting to ask her husband.

The first lady mentioned how easy it was to complete the required information. She preferred it to paper and pencil completion. She thought it was so much faster.

I found their conversation interesting because when I began using FOTO, I incorporated emailing the assessments as the first step in the process. (Granted, not every patient wants to do it that way, so for those individuals, they complete the assessments on the iPad in the clinic.) Patients seem to appreciate completing the assessment in the comfort of their own homes. My patients have appreciated that they can complete their assessments via any device that has internet access. 

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