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Payment for Value is Here to Stay

Christopher Khoury eloquently states, "payment for value and the associated tools, methods, and models that relate to that broad category will be here to stay."

In a recent interview, Christopher Khoury shares his insight about the healthcare environment. I tend to look outside the rehabilitation industry to gain various perspectives about current trends.  As we have been noting for the last few years, the trend in care revolves around quality. It is no longer acceptable to believe every clinician provides quality. In fact, it is now common place to have measurement systems in place and part of the every day work flow. 


I appreciated how Christopher mentioned "human labor-intensive." Clinicians should spend the majority of their day with patients. Flipped classrooms have gained momentum in the university world. I wonder if flipped appointments will be next? What would it be like if daily work flow engaged patients before their visits. What would it be like if clinicians had data from patients before their rehabilitation appointments? Imagine if time could be spent with patients and clinicians coming together as a team. Interactions may change to be more interactive. And then, what if the quality measurement aspect was intertwined immediately within those steps so that time isn't wasted? 

Technology is available for rehabilitation professionals to do what Christopher suggested.

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