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Physitrack or FOTO for Your Rehabilitation Outcomes

The world of rehabilitation outcomes and all it entails: measuring, managing, marketing, negotiating and engaging now has value to clinicians and leaders within the walls in which rehabilitation services are provided.  Products are being created to jump into the outcomes world. Products that were originally created to serve a specified purpose are now being designed with add-ons to increase diversity.

Earlier this summer, I read something in MedCity News that had me contemplating why Physitrack would be compared with FOTO.
Within the MedCity News, it stated that for its outcomes analysis component Physitrack is compared to FOTO.  That statement had me pause and wonder why the two products could be compared.


 When I read that software features include many components that may or may not be related to each other, for some reason I equate that to going to a restaurant that has a menu that consists of 5 pages of options.  I don't know about you, but a menu that huge means that the restaurant doesn't have a specialty. It also means that there is a high likelihood that whatever is ordered will be items purchased from some place like Gordon Food Stores, heated up and served. I appreciate Gordon Food Stores, I shop there, I also know that they sell items in bulk to restaurants. The issue I have is if the restaurant doesn't add some love to the meal and own the flavor of the meal, then I could have gone to Gordon's and ate at home. 

Compare the taste experience of a restaurant with a 5 page menu of options to Geno's. I don't  want to get into a Philly cheese steak war... but cheese steaks is what Geno's does. I'm sure they purchase their items in bulk - they have to. Their creations (as simple as they are) are memorable. They do cheese steak sandwiches day in and day out. They make them to order so fast, yet they taste like they put some love in them. The bread is a bit crispy on the outside and sloppy soggy from the steak on the inside. It's a delightful mess to eat. You would never think of ordering fried chicken at their establishment! Geno's doesn't want fried chicken as an option because Geno's doesn't do fried chicken. Geno's is an expert in cheese steak.

FOTO is the Geno's Steaks in the outcomes world. Since it was stated that Physitrack is compared to FOTO, let's see what a comparison would look like.

  Physitrack FOTO
Established in: 2012 1992
Primary Tools are Paper and Pencil: 2017 1992
Computer Adaptive Testing: None 2001
Static Risk Adjustment Process: None 2007
Smart Risk Adjustment Process: None 2017
International Risk Adjusted, Benchmarked Data Scorecard: None 2010
Research Advisory Board who are Experts in the Science of Outcomes: None 2012

 After thinking about why Physitrack would be compared to FOTO, it does make sense. FOTO has set the standard in measuring rehabilitation outcomes. FOTO lives and breathes outcomes day in and day out and would not imagine doing anything else. If you'd like to learn more about FOTO, you can sign up to see FOTO in action.

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