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Processes are Key to Your Success

Written by FOTO Team | May 4, 2015 10:30:00 AM

We have seen an increase in negotiations with payers revolving around clinical outcomes. We know two things: 1) the payer has all your claims and 2) we hold all your data. Your processes are key when contracts include outcomes.

By processes we are referring to how you obtain data. There are three key elements when it comes to outcomes data: 1) an intake 2) a status update and 3) a discharge. If your process skips number 1, the payer will know. Remember, the payer has all your claims. If your process only include #1 and #3, you have no outcome data. 

We spent time analyzing the data we house for you. Our analysis indicates that we need to provide you a tool that reflects how well you are doing with your processes.