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Projected Highlights for #PPS2017

The Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association is holding its annual conference in downtown Chicago. It isn't too late to register! The conference is scheduled from November 1-4. I spent some time reviewing the sessions. I'll highlight the top picks that I think will be favorites for leaders with an outcomes focus.


Preconference Course on November 1st from 1-5 pm: Payment and Reimbursement Update 2017
Bridget Morehouse, PT, MBA (ATI Physical Therapy)
Mary Daulong, PT (Business & Clinical Management Services, Inc.)
Rick Gawenda, PT (Gawenda Consulting)
Jim Hall, CPA (Rehab Management Services)
Craig Johnson, PT, MBA (Therapy Partners, Inc.)
Janet Shelley, PT, DPT (Medical Billing Center)
We know value based purchasing is the future. We have had multiple coding changes when billing for services over the last few years. This session may provide a hint of the future to help you be ready for upcoming changes.
November 2 from 2:30-4 pm: The PT Value Gap: If We Provide Such a Great Value, What Is the Problem?
Jerry Henderson, PT (Clinicient)
Peter Kovacek, PT, DPT, MSA (Kovacek Management Services
The first step in any conversation focused on value is to have data. The needed data has changed from visits and cost to now include the results of care.  I appreciated that this session also brings patient engagement into the picture.  May this session help you formulate an action plan to help you know what to do with your data. As a side note, FOTO has excellent reports that engage patients.
November 2 from 2:30-4 pm: How To Build A Self-Governing Coaching Culture
Robert Wainner, Executive/Professional Coach (ICF/ACC); PT, PhD (Confluent Health)
Laurence Benz, PT, DPT, MBA, MAPP (Confluent Health)
Daphne Scott, PT, DSc, MAAP (DS Leadership Life)
I need to give a shout out to these presenters. Can you really have good outcomes without a team focused on delivering top notch service? I've heard each of these speakers present and I can guarantee that you will enjoy the session, be inspired AND have the information you need to lead positively.
November 3 from 8-9 am: Moderated Networking - Marquette Project 2: The Second Round
James Hall, CPA (Rehab Management Services LLC)
Mary Daulong, PT (Business & Clinical Management Services, Inc.) 
The reason I am highlighting this session is because the first 9 years of my practice, Jim Hall was my billing expert. He is so passionate and knowledgeable.  He's a huge advocate for physical therapists. He's on a mission to standardize billing practices across the nation. Standardization will reduce so many headaches revolving around the multitude of billing rules for each insurer.  It is really, really important to get paid for our services, so anything that makes billing rules and regulations easier can reduce our time burden associated with billilng for services.
November 3 from 8-9 am: Moderated Networking - Permeating Medicine while Connecting with the Community
April Oury, PT, MS (Body Gears Physical Therapy)
Meghan Simonetti, PT, DPT (Body Gears Physical Therapy)
FOTO provides you the tools to help individuals #ChoosePT. This session may provide you with actionables that resonate with your community.
I am hearing a rumor that may or may not be true. #PPS2017 may also be offering attendees the opportunity to use a #PPS2017 conference app. If that is the case, stay tuned! I'll have some app tips just for you!
If you are interested in the detailed conference schedule, you can find it here. The FOTO Team will be at booth 213. Stop by and say hi!
Until next time,

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