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Serial Assessment Research Study Analyses #OC2018

How do you make your decision to continue or end an episode of care? FOTO's Outcomes Conference held in Denver, Colorado from September 27th - September 29th provides guidance on various levels and topics to help you perform as best as you can. This is one session that focuses on using data to help make end of episode of care decisions a bit easier.


Homicide detectives and teams in criminal justice spend hours upon hours analyzing evidence. When a serial killer is involved, the analysis and assessment process can be quite convoluted.

I most certainly hope that the majority of your patients are not serial killers. The analysis you do with regard to the patients you treat is far different than homicide detectives. What tools do you use on your evidence table when determining whether services should be continued or discontinued for an episode of care?

In this session, Mark Werneke focuses on serial analysis. Serial killers go on a rampage with one outcome on their mind: the act of murder. A serial assessment analysis suggests frequent assessments in which to analyze how your patient is or is not changing. I am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind is time. The time it takes for serial assessment analysis just might be overkill. Is it?

Mark will share what the research indicates about serial assessment analysis. He may even share the risks and rewards involved with including or excluding this from your clinical practice model. 

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In the event this conference is new to you, here are the thoughts from an attendee from last year's conference:

Great combination of both style AND substance. A great value. The speakers didn't offer "fluff" or hype, but rather data and metrics.

The content of the conference revolves around outcomes: sharing the science,  helping with implementation, understanding data, using the data clinically, increasing patient engagement, marketing and discussing payer contracts focused on value based purchasing.

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I'll keep you updated via blog posts about the conference topics as I learn the details, so stay tuned!

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