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Surprise FOTO Tour! Outcomes Conference 2015

I'm sure you all have a list of "have to meet" individuals. I have that AND I have a list of "have to tour" facilities. Ever since I met Dennis Hart in 1994 and heard about FOTO, I was intrigued with FOTO's work. And, over the years, my respect for the company, its data, the clinicians who use FOTO and outcome focused/health service researchers has grown.

You know what? "Company" really isn't an accurate term. Team... a company is made of people and those people create a team. The majority of the warm, funny, smart, whitty, talented, friendly, productive FOTO team were available during my visit. The ones who were not present were probably returning from the HIMSS15 Chicago conference. 

Unlike at my local bank, where I have truly asked numerous times to see their vault (I mean, I did see Ocean's Eleven so I am intrigued with what a real bank vault would look like) I had the opportunity to see a bit of the technology behind FOTO. FOTO just installed something new, I think Brad said it was a server. Apparently though, it isn't something to get overly excited about because the server workhorse is actually somewhere secret in Atlanta. I had this image of big metal boxes with lots of flashing lights and whirring noises. Brad opened the secret door and told me I'd be disappointed. 


So, since the server didn't look like the New York stock exchange kind of flash... I was guided to the development team area.

Now, for those of you using FOTO, you've noticed a higher frequency of updates. Just like you have processes for collecting and managing outcomes, the development team has its process. Changing their processes has spedified (okay, I made that up... ) the implementation of new features for you. Here's a quick snapshot of their efficient process.


Now you know, FOTO is international. I have a feeling it's the only outcome system that has gone international. Of course I had to have a discussion with Brad and Brad about writing code... and what happens with French, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic... the development team has like a dummy system in which they create. As they write or upload code into new projects, they can immediately see what the product will look like to us. I did get to see just a screen shot of the Arabic language and wow... from a development perspective, languages read from right to left are a bit more challenging then those read from left to right. The development team created a nice first portal for clinicans who treat patients who may speak different languages.

A few quick photos of the development team - Brad, Brad and Jerry.




You'll be soon appreciating the new tutorials that have been redesigned and created by this team. Deborah and David took the time to pose... John is acting... I don't even know if his computer was powered up! 


When you call in or stop to visit FOTO, Stephanie is the smiley voice you hear. Have you called in? She always sounds happy.


I also got shots of the provider relations team... in action.

First of all, the genuine surprised reaction fro MiMi. I did interrupt her as she was in the zone focusing on her project. 


And then, look closely at Kimberly's sitting style... looks like aspects of the rehabilitation industry have had an effect on her!


Gotta love Trish's response to a photo request. I think she was trying to give me a few excuses. Luckily my trigger happy finger snapped this!


Trish's office has a circle of comfy chairs. I wonder if little, unplanned brain storming sessions break out right there? The only laughs I could capture were in Trish's office. I missed so many opportunities to capture the laughter. (Next time, I need to wear a recording microphone!) Kimberly, Trish and Leigh were cracking up at Trish's ability to attempt to tune me out.... 


Enjoy the conference. You'll be in good hands with this team BOTH at the conference and as you use FOTO. Please realize, I was not able to get all team members during my unannounced visit! Stay tuned for whatever I can capture during the conference!

Until next time,