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There is No Substitution for Physical Therapists

Written by Selena Horner | Feb 3, 2016 10:30:00 AM

"There are too many “substitutes” positioning for our patients and if we are able to demonstrate the value we offer, then we will not only succeed, but we will thrive." This is eloquently stated by Seth Kaplan, President and CEO of Baton Rouge Physical Therapy - Lake

Seth will be presenting on the business side of using outcome measures in your clinics and departments. Data can help create a real deal instead of allowing "substitutes" to win.

Interestingly, Baton Rouge Physical Therapy - Lake is not some huge, huge company. Based on their website they have eight or nine locations. For some reason, I believed there was power in being huge when it comes to negotiating with a payer. Obviously, Seth will have insight that will help you successfully negotiate payment contracts.

  Seth will focus on three main points:

  • Creating a culture of data collection and management around outcomes
  • Demonstrating value
  • Negotiating contractual changes with payer

The conference is in Knoxville, TN from April 15th - 17th, 2016. The Dogwood Festival is concurrently happening in Knoxville. This means the hotel will fill up quickly. Definitely reserve your room now.

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