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Thursday #APTACSM 2019 Top Picks

This year the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association is happening much earlier. The meeting is scheduled in Washington DC from January 23-26

One social event sponsored by FOTO and ReDoc is the Mojito Meet-Up on Friday night (January 25th) at 6 pm at Cuba Libre.

Mojito Meet-Up Details and RSVP

Another social event FOTO is sponsoring is PT Pub Night. This year the biggest social event of the year will be held at Penn Social from 6-10 pm on Thursday night (January 24th).

PT Pub Night Details & RSVP

Take advantage of social events to meet new colleagues and catch up with colleagues you may only see once a year.

This year there are many sessions that should connect for those of you who appreciate outcomes, payer contracts focused on value, and ways to improve your outcomes.

Thursday 8-10 am    PPS Model Contract Checklist: Negotiation of Key Provisions in Payer Agreements (Holly Johnson, Samuel Katz, Janet Shelley)


What should be excellent about this session is having a handy-dandy checklist when reviewing payer contracts. Private practice owners need to review their payer contracts, need the easy button to immediately understand the terms in the contract and need to be informed when it comes to accepting value based contracts. 

Thursday 8-10 am   Developing Your People: Preparing a Workforce for Value-Based Reimbursement (Michael Billings, Derek Fenwick, Megan Roos)

This session focuses on the new stresses for physical therapists. In the past, performance evaluations tended to target productivity. Although productivity is important and will continue to be important, value-based payments focus on quality. In order to deliver high level quality care, the notion of going through day to day motions will not be acceptable. Quality depends on a team functioning together for continuous improvement. 

Thursday 8-10 am    New Health Outcomes Are Changing Practice (Jeff Houck, Robin Marcus, Anne Thackeray )

Reviewing the handout for this session, I am hoping it has a good discussion comparing generic versus condition specific measurement tools. The growing use of AM-PAC in acute care has helped shape and drive more referrals to physical therapists (in particular 6 clicks). I believe a needed conversation does need to occur debating and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of generic versus disease specific measurement tools. I think we do need to understand which tools are appropriate and for what purposes.

Thursday 11 am-1 pm   THA Rapid Recovery: What Determines Outcomes - Approach, Precautions, or Protocol?  (Michael Ast, Erica Fritz, David Mayman, Peter Sculco, Allie Silverman)

I recently had a discussion on twitter about total hip arthroplasty precautions - do they matter or not? This session seems that it would have some thoughts from a few different perspectives. Pressure is increasing for less readmission rates, reduced infection rates, less revisions and quicker functional outcomes. The comprehensive joint replacement bundled payment program has changed the environment revolving around joint replacements.

Thursday 11 am-1 pm   Report from the ACSM Roundtable on Exercise and Cancer Prevention and Control  (Kristin Campbell, G. Stephen Morris, Nicole Stout)

This session is my favorite pick for the day. I can assure you that one of the panelists is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable specialists in oncology rehabilitation. Nicole has personally responded and helped me more clinically with patients who have cancer. Cancer is quite common and the survivor population continues to grow. It is highly likely that you have quite a few patients that are survivors. You may even have patients undergoing cancer treatment - this session will help you understand the current evidence on exercise prescription for this population. 

Thursday 11 am-1 pm  A  Fostering Better Patient Decisions: The Third Pillar of Evidence-Based Practice  (Yuping Chen, Hilary Greenberger, Ellen Peters, Wendy Romney, Lisa Selby-Silverstein)

We know the importance of patient engagement. This session will share what patients are looking for online. It will look into what patients are interested in knowing. You will also learn the type of messaging the connects with your patients and helps them through the decision making process.


See Booth 1121 Details!

This year FOTO has something special.  A few of the research advisory board members will be available to speak with you one-on-one. Mark Werneke will be at FOTO's booth (#1121) on Thursday from 1:15-1:30 pm for a Science Talk to discuss his educational webinars. His webinars are a mini 9 course series focusing on how you can translate the science of pain, fear and cognitive behavioral theory into clinical practice. He will again be at FOTO's booth for another Science Talk on Saturday from 1:30-2 pm. During this talk, he will highlight how the timing of when a patient completes a functional status assessment can impact outcomes. You can also learn from Mark as he presents  his orthopaedic platform presentation. 

Mark Werneke - Orthopaedic Platform Presentation - Thursday: 3 - 5 pm

Associations Between Frequency and Timing of Interim Patient-Report Outcome Measures and Functional Status at Discharge From Physical Therapy for Common Musculoskeletal Impairments

The focus of Mark's topic: To examine if an association exists between the interaction of frequency & timing of interim PROM assessments and functional status outcomes at discharge for patients with neck, shoulder, low back, or knee impairments. 

Stop by booth 1121 to talk to the FOTO team. Rayleana, Judy, and Nikki have a few focused topics on their agenda that might interest you. Product demonstrations will of course be happening at the booth. The new topic will be how FOTO is ready to support your MIPs participation with FOTO's clinical quality data registry. I hear that you will be able to see the dashboard the development team created to help you succeed.  As mentioned above, on Thursday you have a chance to hear from Mark Werneke sharing the upcoming online educational courses. On Friday you have an opportunity to hear from Deanna Hayes about the development of a new patient reported outcome measure for regional swelling.  On Saturday Daniel Deutscher will be here from Israel sharing the importance of risk adjustment and the risk you assume when your data is not appropriately risk adjusted. Mark Werneke will again be at the booth on Saturday to share how the frequency of assessment affects outcomes.

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