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Top Recommendations for APTA CSM 2015

Written by FOTO Team | Feb 2, 2015 5:50:00 PM

We've been checking out the programming at APTA CSM 2015. We have recommendations for sessions that will help you in your journey in the rehab outcomes adventure.

You've known for years the value of using patient-reported outcomes. Some of you are looking to the horizon and paving the way for the next big step in rehab outcomes: using the data. We're thoroughly excited to see growth in this area in the rehab industry. We raise our glasses and say "cheers" to those of you who are pioneers in this new frontier.

Here are our recommendations:  

Thursday 11 am - 1 pm Indiana Convention Center Room 107

Gerard Brennan, James Irrgang, Alan Jette, Stephen McDavitt 

Preparing to Face into the Storm

Collecting data is so 1900ish. The future is in analyzing and using the data for clinical decisions, health care policy decisions and payment negotiations.

Thursday 3-5 pm Westin Indianapolis Grand 4

Edward Dobrzykowski, Janice Kuperstein, Karen Ogle, Charles Workman

Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act: One Year Later

Whenever the discussion involves containing costs, data is required.

Thursday 3-5 pm Indiana Convention Center Room 107

Chad Cook, Thomas Denninger, Michael Kissenberth, Sean McEnroe, Charles Thigpen

Integrating Physical Therapy in Emerging Health Care Models

Research supports a physical therapist first model. The sooner physical therapists are involved the better the outcomes.

Friday 8-10 am Indiana Convention Center Room 205

Larry Benz

Called to Care: Integration of Positive Psychology

We will assume that positivism improves the therapeutic alliance which should improve rehab outcomes.

Friday 8-10 am Westin Indianapolis Grand 3

Willilam Boissonnault, Ryan Elliott, Jeremy Jackson, Michael Ross 

Early-Intervention Models: Successfully Transform Your Practice

Direct access to physical therapists and physical therapists first are valuable for the current state of health care. Although this session may not highlight the importance of data to support the quality/value of care, we know if you have it your voice is strengthened.

Friday 3-5 pm Indiana Convention Center Sagamore Ballroom 2

Daniel Lorenz, James Matheson, Ross Nakaji, Robert Panariello

My Patient Is Out of Visits: What Do I Do Now?

Both patient-reported outcomes and performance measures can be harnessed to be an advocate for a patient who requires additional visits.

Saturday 8-10 am Westin Indianapolis Grand 5

Dianne Jewell, Heather Smith, Mary Stilphen

The Power of Data: Achieving Consistent Patient Outcomes

The first step in managing the quality of your services is to have data to analyze. Once you have data, you can create a strategy.

If the topic of rehab outcomes enthuses you, we have a conference just for you! We are hosting a conference totally focused on rehab outcomes. Join us in April if you're looking out at the horizon and seeing yourself as a pioneer of rehab outcomes.

By the way, we'd love to see you! As you are walking through the exhibit hall, definitely stop by booth #711. 

Until next time,

~FOTO Team