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FOTO Rehab Outcomes Blog

Tribute to David Hafner: Dear Zane and Dawson

Dear Zane and Dawson,

Your lives have been forever changed. On December 20, 2017 you lost your Daddy.

The FOTO Family has been mourning for the last two days. Just like you, they feel emptiness. Your Daddy's laugh is no longer heard.  His office is empty... his computer dark and quiet. I'm sure you are noticing the same thing at home. Your Mommy is really sad and you're seeing so many relatives coming to your house.


The FOTO Family misses your Daddy. We are sad for the both of you too, Zane and Dawson. We know that you won't remember much about your Daddy.

See your Daddy in the picture? Your Daddy had a joy that was bigger than most anyone you will ever meet. The work your Daddy did included emailing many people. One thing that was very special about your Daddy was the way he wrote. Even though tone can't be heard via the written word, your Daddy had this neat way of bringing smiles. I know that when I had a pile of emails in my inbox, I would always read your Daddy's first. The reason was simply because of his attitude and his special way of making me smile. 

Zane and Dawson, may you have your Daddy's love of life and God. Your Daddy was never afraid to share the goodness of God. He was always immediately willing to pray for or with those who needed God's help and attention. We are truly sorry that you won't be able to learn firsthand from your Daddy about his strong faith and love of God.

Remember how I mentioned that your Daddy sent a lot of emails, Zane and Dawson? Your Daddy chose a few sentences that always resonated with the FOTO Family. One was, "My job is to help YOU." Many times people say things like this, yet really don't live it. Your Daddy meant what he said. He always strived to help with a cheerful attitude. He served others with a joyous heart.

I have one more quote that your Daddy lived, Zane and Dawson. "You're not in this life for you. You're here to make a difference, you're here to help others. What it takes is a LOT of love" by Jason Bergstrom. Zane and Dawson, your Daddy lived and breathed this. He warmed the hearts of so many because of his capability to just love. 

Although your Daddy is no longer with us, he will always have a place in our hearts and in our memories, Zane and Dawson.