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FOTO Rehab Outcomes Blog

Value Defined

At the recent FOTO Outcomes Conference in Knoxville, David Grigsby touched on the topic of value. He defined value from the perspective of a customer. Most definitions are from the perspective of a payer or even our own perspective as a health care provider. 

If you think of outcome from a customer's perspective, what does the customer want? If you think about health care here in the States, a desired result could be diagnostic imaging... could be medication... could be a referral. If a customer is interested in those particular desired results, will a customer value your services? I know for me that if my expectations are not met, I feel disappointed and irritated.

Do you know the results of the services you deliver? What conversation do you have to set your customers' expectations to be compatible with the results you will deliver? If you don't know your customer's desired result, are you really providing a valuable service?

I appreciated how David brought a broader explanation of cost into the picture. Most literature focuses on financial cost. From a customer's perspective, David is absolutely correct: money isn't the only factor with cost. For your customers who prefer an "easy button" solution, the "cost" of physical therapy services may be too high because these individuals are not interested in taking the time, commitment or behavior changes required to reach their desired result. To keep your customers' costs lowered, do you consider how the number of treatments and time for those treatments affect your customers' perspective of "time cost?" When you provide home exercise programs, do you consider the time and effort that will be required for your customer to complete the activities you are prescribing? Do you have conversations revolving around the level of commitment your customer is willing to take to achieve the desired outcome? 

If you want to create individualized, customer targeted value, the equation has a specific focus on your customer. If you want to align the outcomes of your services with your customer's expectations, time and commitment, you need to know the results of your care and how you deliver it.

If you do not have a system in place to know your results, I highly recommend FOTO. You can learn more about the FOTO system during a webinar.
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