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What Changes With Patient Engagement?

Written by Selena Horner | Jan 28, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Initially, the concept of patient engagement didn't really connect with me. As I have gone down a journey to better understand this concept, I can piece together a few components that resonate with me.

l don't have enough fingers or toes to count how many times patients sit down with me and are totally focused on everything that is going wrong. The future looks bleak. Their brains are focused on the worst that can happen. All of their diagnostic tests point out all the imperfections. 

One thing I love about Outcomes Manager is the opportunity to change a patient's focus. I know I can be a cheerleader, but it is much, much easier having data at my fingertips to bring validity to my cheering. Instead of focusing on everything that is wrong, I instead point out all the positive features in their patient specific report. Other patients who were just like them improved. Lovely to see pain fluctuating (that means you don't have cancer or something horrible to overcome). I show them how much they will improve and what it will mean. I can give them an educated guesstimate as to how quickly we should note change... how many visits will be needed and the amount of time. Do you know what happens after that? The person has hope. The person is motivated. The patient wants to attend for services. The other fun aspect: patients willingly brainstorm with me and problem-solve with me.

What Changes With Patient Engagement? from FOTO Inc. (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes)

If you haven't seen what patient specific reports look like, Judy Holder is fantastic at sharing how these reports can create actively engaged patients.

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