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What Does Patient Engagement Look Like?

Written by Selena Horner | Jan 14, 2016 10:30:00 AM

I'm still thinking about Patient Engagement. After researching what I think it really is, now I want to sit back and think of what it looks like.InCrowd completed a survey with Gen Xers and Millennials to gain insight on what these health consumers viewed as Patient Engagement. One prominent finding was that the consumers were split with regard to knowing what Patient Engagement really was. Most verbalized what they thought it meant. When comparing statements of what it meant, the majority of the health consumers and primary care providers were on the same page.

 Some words stick out in the highlighted statement: meaningful, collaboration, team, achieve and goals. Prior to writing this blog post, I did my own thinking and reflecting. Here's what I came up with:

Patient Engagement What Does It Look Like? from FOTO Inc. (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes)
Although I think Patient Engagement includes what consumers mentioned, I believe it also includes a couple more relevant pieces for engagement to really occur.
As always, Judy Holder loves talking about and sharing how Outcomes Manager can assist you with all things related to measuring and managing quality - including patient engagement.

What do you think Patient Engagement looks like?

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