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FOTO Rehab Outcomes Blog

When the Functional Activity Doesn't Fit Your Patient

As you are sitting there reviewing assessment results, your patient conveys frustration. "You know, that thing is crazy! Like I'm going to run or make sharp turns while running fast." Your patient is pointing out a functional activity he or she has no likelihood of performing. The itemized bank for the outcome measures within FOTO will have functional activities that may be too difficult for your patient.


I'm inconsistent with my response. The day, the patient or my mood determines my response.

If I'm in an evil spirited mood: "Listen, you know darn well I didn't create those questions. Researchers designed the whole thing. You and I know you have no plans of running."

If I'm in a dreamer mood: "Well, what if you could run? Wouldn't you want to brag about that?"

If I'm in an intelligent mood: "You are absolutely correct. The system does not take personal information into account. It doesn't discriminate... it doesn't exhibit ageism... Its whole purpose is to determine the most difficult thing you can do."

Try to remember that the patient's functional stage is determined by activities able to perform versus matching a patient immediately with activities that fit age and impairment (or condition). In order to determine the functional stage, computer adaptive testing occurs.

How do you handle this situation when your patient voices frustration?

Until next time,