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Written by FOTO Man | Jan 2, 2017 4:00:00 PM

Contest: Where's FOTO Man?

When: Every Thursday - Wednesday in January

Who: Providers of Rehabilitation Services or Payers for Rehabilitation Services

What: Read weekly blog post for hints... search FOTO website for FOTO Man

How to Enter: Enter 1 time per week by clicking on FOTO Man and sharing contact information

Winnings: $20 Amazon gift card

Happy New Year from FOTO Man!

Unbelievable... FOTO Team is using me! They are definitely using me. One of my current duties deprives me of my natural talents and brainy-ness.

Let me share with you one of my new tasks.

Remember when I introduced myself in my first blog post ever? Well, apparently someone heard me say that I love hanging out in FOTO's NEW WEBSITE. I do, but I typically choose to be incognito. I mean, I enjoy my "privacy" as much as everyone else does. One of my current tasks requires me to remove my invisible shield! <Gasp!> 

So, here's the deal.... each week I have to hang out one of the new FOTO website pages.  Not only that... the week begins on a Thursday! A Thursday! Such nonsense... So, every Thursday in January at 6 am EST to Wednesday at 5 pm EST, I have to be anchored in a new location. Talk about me losing productivity! Apparently they all think that you all won't be able to easily find me!

The FOTO Team would like for you all to hunt me down and find me while checking out the new website!  There are a few rules as to who the "you" are. "You" can only be providers of rehabilitation services or payers for those services. You can only claim finding me once per week.  FOTO Team, I hear from you every day and you are definitely not allowed to submit to win! And for those of you who are partners with FOTO, I'm sorry, you are excluded from this contest.

All you'll have to do is read my blog post for the week. In the blog post, I'll give you some sort of a hint. Once you find me, you'll have to click on me. After you click on me, you'll be given the opportunity to share your name and email to enter the "Where's FOTO Man?" contest.

What happens at the end of the week? Well, Leigh Castleberry-Estes will reach out to the randomly chosen winner. The winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for your fantastic searching ability.

Signing off for now,