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FOTO Rehab Outcomes Blog

2017 Where is FOTO Man? Contest Week 2


Contest: Where's FOTO Man?

When: Every Thursday through Wednesday in January

Who: Providers of Rehabilitation Services or Payers for Rehabilitation Services

What: Read weekly blog post for hints... search FOTO website for FOTO Man

How to Enter: Enter 1 time per week by clicking on FOTO Man and sharing contact information

Winnings: $20 Amazon gift card

Hi Everyone! FOTO Man here! Guess where I'm hanging out this week!

 Yee Haww! I am no longer on the home page! I fluff my cape to those of you who found me last week. 

My invisible shield is still deactivated and I'm hanging out on FOTO's website. Can you find me? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's information about the "Where's FOTO Man?" contest. )

 I'm having a difficult time coming up with a hint! This is the first movie to pop into my head to entertain me on this page. Stephanie Plum is ALWAYS, ALWAYS in need of money to pay rent OR purchase vehicles after they are totaled or blown up.  

Like Stephanie Plum and her need for cash flow, I'm sure you are continually thinking of ways to increase your cash flow.  Hint:  this new page has case studies on how other FOTO users have negotiated to increase their payment for services.

If you need a little bit of help, I'm easily available on twitter to give you hints! I may be hanging on this page all week, but the Team forgot to take my mobile device away from me! Shhh... don't tell them!

You have 1 week to complete your mission and find me somewhere on FOTO's website. Ready, set... GO! Good luck, my friends!

Signing off for now,