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Why Your Patients are Your Greatest Referral Source

A classmate from PT school and I were catching up recently, talking shop and sharing stories about how the practice has changed in the last 25 years since we were newly-minted PT’s – including the evolution of treatment styles, clinical education, electronic documentation, reimbursement, and direct access.   

Our conversation about direct access flowed into marketing, and about how our limited marketing strategies were once to make office calls and drop off prescription pads in the doctors’ offices.  Recognizing how things have changed, we both noted that we have learned to embrace technology as an integral part of our practices and our current marketing strategies.  We both agreed that technology will only continue to influence the expansion of clinical practice and that growing with technology is essential to thrive. 

With technological advances on warp speed, community marketing of our practices must keep pace.  Patients themselves are now among our greatest referral sources as direct access has empowered patients to be more involved in choosing their providers.  Helping them easily find us is our best new strategy. 

An overwhelming majority of people search the internet for information about businesses, including health care practices.  They look for local websites and read reviews. While seeking up-to-date information, they are curious to know and understand the experiences of others like them.  Reading positive experiences helps reassure potential patients that they will likely have a positive experience themselves. 

A digital marketing platform can turn one positive experience into more positive experiences in a few ways.  One, a patient who is a promoter of the practice can have a broad scope of influence - more than just the people they know personally – by taking a few minutes to write a review or testimonial to the practice.   Two, the process can be streamlined as part of a workflow that we in the clinic are already doing.  Three, we as therapists can spend time focused on what we love – treating patients – and allow the patient reviews to support us in providing high quality care, impacting our communities and assisting more of our neighbors and friends to return to the function and lifestyle they love. 

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